Public hearing on vaccine mandates and impacts on/in the workplace

Senate Majority Policy Committee

Monday, November 8, 2021 | 10:00 a.m.

North Office Building, Hearing Room #1


Public Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates and their Effects on the Workplace, Employees, and the Business Community


10:00 a.m.—10:05 a.m. Opening Remarks

Senator Mario M. Scavello, Chairman, Senate Majority Policy Committee

Panel One

  • Congressman Scott Perry, Federal Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
  • PA Homecare Association, Teri Henning, Esq., CEO – Testimony
  • PA Healthcare Association, Zach Shamberg, President & CEO
  • Skills of Central Pennsylvania, Rebecca Aungst, President & CEO  – Testimony
  • Solar Innovations, Stacy Header, CFO  – Testimony
  • Informed Consent PA, Stephanie Coxon, MBA, PhD, CNHP, BCTN  – Testimony

Questions and Answers

Panel Two

  • Pennsylvania State Chamber, Alex Halper, Director of Government Affairs

Questions and Answers

Panel Three

  • Dr. Doug Pfeiffer, D.C. at Upper Perk Chiropractic Center, Center for Nutrition and Wellness, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association Functional Nutrition Working Group, and Founder, and President of the Shield of Truth Network – Testimony
  • John David Stoltzfus, Community Services Group  – Testimony
  • Jamie Lamb, Small Business Owner, Certified Doula  – Testimony
  • Nicole Donley, RN  –  Testimony
  • Paula Provenzano, Bank Employee  – Testimony
  • John Cronin, Captain and Member, Airline Employees for Health Freedom  – Testimony
  • Alison Fujito, Violinist, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra  – Testimony

Questions and Answers

11:50 a.m. -11:55 a.m.   Adjournment

Written Testimony

Jennifer L. Berrier, Secretary, PA Department of Labor & Industry  – Testimony

PCIC Testimony-Other  – Testimony

PA Chamber of Business and Industry, Gene Barr  – Testimony

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